How To Get Rid Of Elm Seed Bugs Around Your Riverton Property

Elm seed bug

If you own a property in Riverton, you may have encountered peculiar insects invading your space. Elm seed bugs are small, reddish-brown critters that can become a real annoyance, especially during their peak season. Thankfully, the team at Tanner Pest Control knows exactly how to get rid of elm seed bugs on your property fast before their population explodes.

Continue reading to learn more about these nuisance insects and why you should partner with Riverton pest control professionals to eliminate them completely.

What Are Elm Seed Bugs?

Elm seed bugs are commonly found in the Western United States. With their small, elongated shape, about the size of a pencil eraser, and reddish-brown color, these insects have an orange underbelly with light and dark markings running along the edge of their abdomen. While they don’t pose a physical or health threat to humans, they can frustrate homeowners when they invade their living spaces, especially during their peak season from May to August. As their name suggests, these creatures feed on the seeds of elm trees. You’ll most likely see these bugs during the spring when these trees begin to bloom.

If you require help getting rid of elm seed bugs on your property, reach out to your local pest control company to schedule a comprehensive inspection.

Elm Seed Bugs Are A Nuisance Pest

Elm seed bugs prove that pests don’t have to be harmful to cause major headaches and distress. With their piercing and sucking mouthparts, these insects consume elm seeds and leaves. They usually invade homes and congregate in large numbers, leaving unsightly fecal droppings as they crawl around your windows, doors, and other areas. Similar to stink bugs, elm seed bugs can also produce a foul, pungent odor when they’re disturbed or crushed, which can make them even more of a problem to have in your house.

But before you attempt to resolve the issue yourself, consider the benefits of bringing professionals on board to do the heavy lifting. Due to their large population, elm seed bugs can be difficult to eliminate entirely. Contact our team at Tanner Pest Control for your elm seed bug removal needs. We’d be more than happy to assist you!

Elm Seed Bugs Are Attracted To Elm Trees

Elm seed bugs in Riverton love the seeds from elm trees because they provide them with a rich source of nutrients necessary for their survival and reproduction. These bugs are attracted to this particular tree during the late spring and early summer when the seeds are forming and the tree is in full bloom. Additionally, elm trees emit pheromone signals that act as a beacon to other elm seed bugs, drawing them to the tree. As a result, elm trees are often heavily infested with these insects, which can cause damage to the seeds, and in some cases, even the tree itself.

If you have an elm tree on your property, be aware that you could be more susceptible to an elm seed bug infestation. But elm trees aren’t the only kinds of trees that these insects will infest. Here are some other trees that elm seed bugs gravitate towards:

  • Maple trees

  • Birch trees

  • Ash trees

  • Cottonwood trees

If these insects have taken over the trees on your property, contact a qualified pest service to make an appointment for a professional elm seed bug treatment.

How To Eliminate An Elm Seed Bug Infestation

For the fastest and most efficient home pest control in Riverton, count on the team at Tanner Pest Control to handle the situation quickly and precisely. We understand the aggravation these insects cause, so we strive to eliminate them before the problem gets out of hand. If you’re ready to enjoy your property in peace during the warmer months, get in touch with us today to request your complimentary quote.