How To Get Rid Of Norway Rats In Riverton


Living in the Riverton area, you should be aware of the different rats and rodents there are. Rats and mice are some of the most common types of pests that plague American homes and businesses. In Riverton, you might think that while there are lots of rats, they’d be all the same kind. However, there are a few different rats in the rodent family, the most frightening offender being Norway rats.

Luckily, Norway rats in Riverton are not a protected species. Therefore, you have full authority to eradicate them if they breach your home. One thing to note about the Norway species in relation to its cousin the roof rat is that they are very big rats. Norway rats can grow up to sixteen inches long on average. As if you needed more of a reason to be put off by rats and mice!

How To Identify Norway Rats

Norway rats are predominantly brown or gray and weigh a little over one pound on average. While they are bigger than roof rats, that doesn’t make them any less agile. They are adept at climbing, but due to their nocturnal nature enjoy lower floors and basements.

These big rats like to burrow and create nests under and around your home or business. This can be dangerous in itself as these nests can attract other pests on top of the rats. Like most rats and mice, Norway rats can reproduce at alarming speeds. Typically they are born in litters of 12 at a time in under a month.

Can A Rat Be Clever? 

If you spot signs of rats in your home or business, you should immediately look into how to exterminate rats. This is because contrary to the opinion that rats are dumb, they can be pretty clever. Norway rats are very physically capable, able to jump, climb, and swim when needed. 

In fact, lots of rats have an innate sense of smell and taste. They can locate food but will shy away from food blatantly set out. They can even detect contaminants within their food supply. Furthermore, once these rats create a nest, they will typically never stray far from it.

Norway Rats Are A Different Breed Of Dangerous

Rats enjoy the warm and safe conditions that your home or business will provide. Moreover, they have long shared an almost parasitic relationship with humans to survive. They steal food, contaminate water, all while destroying your property.

Look for these signs of rats within your home or business:

  • Urine stains
  • Droppings
  • Pattering or Squeaking noises 
  • Small tracks (footprints, tail marks)
  • Nest-like structures (cloth and insulation)
  • Smudge marks (along baseboards)
  • Gnawing (chewed furniture, pipes, wires)
  • Holes throughout the property

Norway rats can also find their way through almost any small hole or crack around your home. As such, all of these signs can be dangerous to the structure of your property. Many of these can result in water or fire damage if not addressed immediately.

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