How Can You Tell If You Have A Hornet Problem In Riverton?


If you have stinging insects in your Riverton home, you may want to get help quickly. Hornets and other stinging insects send more than half a million people to the emergency room every year because of their dangerous stings. These pests should be dealt with quickly, but they require skill, as removing nests can be very dangerous. When you are dealing with hornets on your property, you should contact Tanner Pest Control, the safest and most reliable Riverton pest control.

How To Tell Hornets Apart From Bees/Wasps

There are a variety of stinging insects in Riverton and because of this, it can make determining which types of stinging insects you have on your property very difficult. Some of the different types of stinging insects that you can find are:

  • Bees

  • Paper wasps

  • Yellowjackets

  • European hornets

  • Bald-faced hornets

  • Open pipe mud dauber

  • Asian giant hornets

These are just some of the different types, but it is important that you be aware because many bees can be good for your property and the surrounding environment as they are mainly pollinators. Hornets can also pollinate and keep other nuisance insect populations under control, but at the same time, they are incredibly dangerous and if they sting you or someone else on your property, you may need to find help very soon.

The best way to tell these stinging insects apart is that bees are more stout and small, while hornets and wasps have longer, skinnier bodies. Bees and other small stinging insects can be dangerous, but the wasps and hornets are what really need to be taken care of.

What Keeps Hornets Away?

How do you keep these stinging insects away, though? Most of these pests, like other pests, are attracted to certain areas because it offers them food, water, and shelter. Hornets pose a threat to you and your family if they sting you, so the best thing that you can do to keep the worst stinging insects away is:

  • Clear your yard of dense vegetation, as it can offer them basic food and water needs as well as shelter.

  • Weatherproof the doors and windows of your home to prevent them from coming inside.

  • Remove any standing water that you find on your property.

  • Take the trash out regularly and use tight-fitting lids. 

These steps are not guaranteed to keep the worst stinging insects like hornets away, but they will help in discouraging them from nesting on your property. If you do already have these pests on your property, though, you should contact the professionals at Tanner Pest Control to keep your home pest-free.

Does Professional Pest Control Help With Hornets?

At Tanner Pest Control, we will inspect all parts of your home and, after finding where these hornets and potentially other stinging insects are coming from, will create a plan to get rid of them safely and quickly. We will treat your home and focus on the hot spots, and after removing these dangerous pests, we can also conduct follow-up visits to make sure that you and your property are protected.

The Key To Keeping All Stinging Insects Away From Your Home

None of these stinging insects are welcome on your property. They only spell problems, so it is important that you keep an eye out to keep them out for good. The best thing that you can do to keep these pests away is to take preventive measures early, stay vigilant so you can spot them when they do show up and don't hesitate to call the professionals at Tanner Pest Control if you do spot them.