Effective Boxelder Bug Control: Tips And Techniques For Riverton Homes

Boxelder Bug Control

Let’s talk about pest control in Riverton for boxelder bugs. You might have seen these little guys crawling around your garden plants or even inside your home. This article will explain the how's and whys of boxelder bug prevention so you can keep them out for good. 

Boxelder bugs are, thankfully, not a serious risk when it comes to your health, and their name comes from their love for a particular type of tree. Unfortunately, in large numbers, these bugs can also be a real pain to have around the house, and getting rid of them can be a challenge. 

Join us for a quick and straightforward look at managing current boxelder bug problems and preventing future issues before they even start. 

Boxelder Bug Identification Made Easy: Signs And Features to Look For

Control and prevention truly begin with the identification of the problem. What does a boxelder bug look like? How can you spot one around your home? 

Boxelder bugs are small, around 1/2 inch long, and relatively flat. They have six legs and two antennae. They’re primarily black in their coloring and usually have distinctive red-orange lines along their backs. Please note that younger boxelder bugs are generally red and take on their black coloring as adults.  

In terms of behavior, you’re likely to see them on the sides of trees or fruits. If they’re indoors, it’s because they’re seeking warmth. You can also take a photo of these Riverton pests and compare it to online resources to be sure they are boxelder bugs. 

Boxelder Bug Problems: Understanding The Damage They Can Cause

Are boxelder bugs harmful to your home or your health? What are the risks of having boxelder bugs around your home or even inside your home? 

Fortunately, we have good news to share. Boxelder bugs do not present any serious threats to your health or your home. It’s true that boxelder bugs can nibble leaves and the skins of fruits, but in most cases, this only causes surface-level damage. They also eat tree seeds, but this shouldn’t lead to serious issues. 

That said, they’re definitely not fun to have around in your home, and if crushed, whether on purpose or by accident, they emit an unpleasant smell. Should boxelder bugs be removed from the house? Yes. Do they pose a threat to your well-being? Not so much. 

Proactive Boxelder Bug Prevention: Keeping These Pests At Bay

Now, let’s discuss how to keep boxelder bugs away from your home. After all, prevention is the best possible control. Here are some essential boxelder bug prevention tips that you can put to work right away: 

  • Clean outdoor, sun-exposed surfaces with scented dish soap or cleaner. 

  • Seal gaps around windows, doors, pipes, and other potential entry points. 

  • Keep trees trimmed, especially those near the outer walls of your home. 

  • Keep your lawn well-maintained and remove fallen leaves, branches, etc. 

If you don’t provide boxelder bugs with a way to enter your home, they simply won’t be able to get in. However, if you need extra help keeping them out or removing bugs that have already gotten inside, it’s worth considering professional control. 

Say Goodbye To Boxelder Bugs: Contact Us Right Away!

If you’re struggling with a boxelder bug infestation in or around your home, calling a professional pest control service that offers boxelder bug removal is an excellent choice. 

Removing these insects on your own is pretty unpleasant, and it’s also easy to miss a few, especially if they’re in hiding. DIY removal is also challenging if there are many more bugs just outside that are waiting to get in. 

Thankfully, pest control pros can eliminate the problem with speed and efficiency. Reach out today for help with boxelder bugs and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Riverton.