Three Things Everyone In Riverton Ought To Know About Norway Rats


When faced with pest problems, the more informed you are, the better. Although Riverton is home to many types of rats, Norway rats are the largest rat species to invade residential properties.

Today we’ll discuss what every homeowner should know about Norway rats and how to get rid of rats once they infest your home. Or, if you’d rather receive immediate help with your rodent problems, reach out to the skilled pest management professionals from Tanner Pest Control. It’s our commitment to protect home and business owners from all kinds of pests, no matter their size. Don’t hesitate to contact Tanner Pest Control to receive the most effective pest control in Riverton!

Norway Rats Are Smart... Really Smart

If there’s one thing that sets Norway rats apart from other pests, it’s their intelligence. These large rodents seem to evade control attempts at every turn, always finding new ways to invade your home despite your best efforts to keep them out. Norway rats are smart enough to realize they can find the resources needed to survive with less effort when they live closer to people. However, the intelligence that helps these rodents evade capture is called neophobia, or the fear of new things. These pests typically avoid traps and other control attempts because they have a natural, ingrained fear that drives them away from anything that could be new and threatening.

The quickest and easiest way to eliminate Norway rats once they invade your home is with professional rat control services from Tanner Pest Control. Reach out to our technicians today to receive excellent pest management solutions year-round. 

Norway Rats Will Eat Almost Anything

Norway rats are what we call “adaptable eaters.” These rodents will eat just about anything they can find, though they prefer to avoid contaminated or stale food items. As omnivorous creatures, they often consume a diet of both meats and plants. Some of the things Norway rats eat most often include:

  • Cereals

  • Grains

  • Fresh fruits

  • Nuts

  • Fish

  • Meats

  • Livestock feed

If you believe Norway rats have taken over your property and contaminated your food items, it’s time to contact professionals for ongoing rodent control solutions. At Tanner Pest Control, we provide excellent services to eliminate many pests, including Norway rats. Contact us today to get started on your journey to a pest-free home. 

Norway Rats Gnaw Constantly

One of the most frustrating aspects of a Norway rat infestation is the property damage they cause. Like all other rodents, Norway rats must gnaw on things to wear down their ever-growing front teeth. Unfortunately, this gnawing behavior leads to significant property damage when Norway rats invade Riverton's homes. With their constant chewing, these rodents may damage PVC piping, electrical wiring, furniture, chairs, and structural beams. 

To prevent Norway rats and other pests from causing problems in your home, invest in professional pest control services from Tanner Pest Control. We’ll work with you to design the perfect treatment plan for your home and family. Call us today to find out more about our rat control services. 

Why Professional Rodent Control Is Often Needed

Defending your Riverton home against dangerous, destructive pests is a challenging task. Rodents are often reclusive and avoid humans at all costs, not to mention the dangers these pests pose to humans. But you don’t have to get rid of rats alone. Let our professionals from Tanner Pest Control assist you with all your pest control needs! As a local, family-owned pest control provider, we work hard to deliver detailed and reliable services that put our customers first. It’s our top priority to ensure we eliminate current pest problems from your property and implement prevention strategies that will keep future infestations from occurring.

Contact Tanner Pest Control today for more information about how we handle Norway rat infestations or to request a quote.