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Expert Pest Control Solutions In Bluffdale, UT

Bluffdale is a suburban community located about midway between Salt Lake City and Provo. Known for the geographical features that are right there in our name, Bluffdale is a community close to lots of great hot springs and large lakes. But the connected urban environment of the Greater Salt Lake area, paired with the natural features all around us, means that Bluffdale can be a safe haven for pests of all kinds. That’s why local property owners have to learn to protect their yards, homes, and businesses from infestations.

Residential Pest Control In Bluffdale, UT

bluffdale ut pest control

To protect your home from pests, you need a comprehensive approach. Most homeowners don’t have the time or methods available to really address all the factors that lead to infestations. That’s why it’s only natural to turn to professionals. Not only can it help you to delegate the job of pest control to a local company, but experts also provide the most effective treatments that solve the problems that lead to pests. At Tanner Pest Control, here’s how we can help:

  • Eaves Service: We use our extension poles to sweep away webs and address wasp nests that tend to form under the overhangs of roofs.
  • Lawn Granulation: We treat your lawn with granules that prevent grubs, beetles, and other damaging or invasive pests.
  • Foundation Power Spray: We spray vegetation, entryways, and other places, but your foundation is an often overlooked part of pest control. We treat this area because it’s the part of your home directly touching soil, where insects and other pests live.
  • Interior Treatment: We also target solutions to your interior, especially storage areas or other places where pests like to nest or are attracted.

Turn to Tanner Pest Control for help with residential pest control done right.

Commercial Pest Control In Bluffdale, UT

All of the problems that pests can cause to any property can be even more severe for businesses, which must think about the safety of their employees, customers, and bottom line. From property damage to disease, pest problems aren’t just about the pests themselves. They are about the side effects that their activity creates. That’s why Bluffdale businesses should partner with professionals to keep their property protected. In the long run, it’s cheaper to go with methods that actually work, rather than risking it on DIY solutions or expensive products off the shelf. At Tanner Pest Control, we offer the following key features:

  • Comprehensive Treatments: Our methods don’t just protect you from bugs or rodents, but rather a wide range of invasive species.
  • Safe Solutions: Our chemicals aren’t harmful to you or your pets, just the invaders we’re protecting your property from. This is especially important for commercial properties, which can be liable for side effects to customers.
  • Service Warranty: We back all our services with a warranty, stating that we’ll come back for free if we need to reservice your property.

Protect your business from the woes of pest infestations by contacting Tanner Pest Control today.

Bluffdale Homeowners Guide To Avoiding Rodent Problems

Rodents are some of the most common pests in the world. They target our homes and businesses because they know that food, water, and shelter can be found in and around our properties. That’s why it’s important to take steps early on before they’ve invaded, to reduce your risk of rodents. Here are some of the biggest pointers:

  • Food storage: Keeping your food stored securely and completely cleaning up after meals is important for making sure rodents don’t have a ready food source.
  • Trash storage: But rodents can also root around in the trash, which is why secure garbage bins are necessary.
  • Inspections: The best way to make sure you’re keeping up on all these things is with the watchful eye of a pest expert to guide you.

Contact Tanner Pest Control to get started on a thorough inspection today.

Tips To Help Avoid Stinging Insects In Bluffdale

Stinging pests like bees and wasps may help pollinate plants, but they can be dangerous to people -- whether they’re allergic to stings or not. When a wasp colony takes hold, they can be in high, difficult to reach places and quickly populate into a larger problem. That’s why it’s important to take steps to avoid stinging insects on your property in the first place. Here are some ways to reduce your risk:

  • Landscaping: Yards with overgrown bushes, trees, and even tall grasses are more attractive to wasps looking for somewhere to land or build their hives.
  • Moisture: Insects of all stripes -- pun intended -- are attracted to moisture. That means yards with puddles or water features often get targeted first.
  • Treatments: Not all the factors that attract stinging pests are easy to address quickly, which is why professional treatments are your best bet for keeping infestations away.

Contact Tanner Pest Control today to get started on proper protection from stinging insects.

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