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Riverton, UT Pest Control FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Riverton, UT Pest Control

Do I need to do a full year of pest control?

Yes, getting multiple applications through the full year will continually decrease the pest population each treatment. We don't offer any one-time treatments for specific pest problems like other companies. All pests are included in each treatment inside and outside the home.

Can I just do a quarterly service instead of alternating monthly (every two months) service?

Because of the home-friendly nature of our products, they break down during a 60-day period, so we reapply them more frequently than a 90-day quarterly application. Since making the switch a few years ago, we have had better results and happier customers.

Is the inside of my house included in the cost or is it extra?

We always include inside applications at no extra charge. Some families get the inside treated every time, and others never want the inside treated. The pricing is the same, but we always offer it.

What does the winter service entail?

The winter treatment is vital to having a pest-free home. We do winter treatments from December 1st through the end of February. Because we use Integrated Pest Management methods for your Riverton home, we do more than just spray your house. The winter treatment includes both interior and exterior treatments. On the exterior, we remove spider webs left from the fall, use a dust injection to cracks, crevices, openings, and weep holes that enter the house (this dust will treat for any pest and lasts 6+ months), seal openings with clear silicone, and check and monitor rodent stations.

On the interior, we do monitoring stations, interior and garage applications, and probiotic drain cleaner for all your sinks and drains (tub, shower, kitchen sink, garbage disposal, etc.). The drain cleaner is especially important to break down scum buildup in P-Traps to avoid fungus gnats, drain flies, and fruit flies.

I have pets and kids. Are the applications safe?

All the products we use inside and outside the home are labeled for homes, hospitals, restaurants, daycares, and schools. They are virtually odorless and dry quickly. We want all kids and pets out of the area while the products are drying. According to the label, it's fine to be in the area once they are dry, which only takes a few minutes. Almost all of our customers have kids, pets, or both. We can accommodate any situation that we need to in order to make sure the home is properly treated and that everyone is away while we treat the areas.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept any major credit or debit cards. We also accept Venmo.

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