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Advanced Pest Control Solutions In Herriman, UT

Herriman is a far southwestern suburb of Salt Lake City that is fast-growing. In fact, many areas around the city have become more densely populated and industrial over the past two decades. But the more human activity you find in a place, the more pest activity naturally follows suit. That’s why local property owners have to learn how to protect their property early on, not wait until the last minute to deal with pest populations. At Tanner Pest Control, we’re a local company that can help you every step of the way.

Residential Pest Control In Herriman, UT

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The thing most people don’t realize about pest control is that it’s not something you should only worry about when pests are there. You should take steps to prevent pest infestations long before one becomes a noticeable problem. That’s because, by the time you can see the outward signs, pests have likely already been there for weeks making them even harder to fully eliminate. For these reasons, you should turn to professionals for assistance with pest control, whether you need early preventative treatments or prompt removal of existing infestations. At Tanner Pest Control, here’s how we can help:

  • Exterior Treatments: Between exterior spray and sweeping services, our exterior treatments are designed to protect you from a wide range of invasive and destructive pests.
  • Interior Treatments: Our interior treatments are meant to address pest problems that have already made their way inside. That’s why we thoroughly inspect your home inside and out.
  • Follow-up: The next step is to check back with you a few weeks after your initial service to make sure our treatments have worked. If not, we don’t charge for extra work to rid your home of pests.

Contact Tanner Pest Control today for effective and affordable pest control that protects you from long-term problems.

Commercial Pest Control In Herriman, UT

Protecting your business from pests isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity. For commercial properties that rely on customers and clients, a pest infestation can damage your reputation and even lead to punishments from local public health agencies. This is why proper pest control is a wise investment for Herriman businesses. At Tanner Pest Control, we point to these main reasons as to why you should pick us as your local pest control partner:

  • Free Quote: We base our prices on the square footage of your business and the level of need you have for immediate pest removal. That way, we can always provide up-front pricing.
  • Customized Treatment: While the size of your business helps us figure out a ballpark figure for treatment costs, that doesn’t mean we use a universal approach, however. Instead, we tailor our treatment options to your business.
  • Comprehensive Treatments: While we offer targeted services for specific pest concerns, our treatments are designed to protect you from the widest range of pests possible, letting you know that you’re getting a lot of protection for your money.

Don’t risk pests hurting your Herriman business. Contact Tanner Pest Control today.

How Can I Tell If My Herriman Home Is At Risk For Spider Problems?

Everyone likes to assume that spiders will never make it inside their home. If you keep it clean and you address common access points, you’re certainly lowering your risk. But the sad fact of the matter is that every single home is at risk for pest infestations. That’s why they’re called “pests.” They sneak in unnoticed and take advantage of the food, water, and shelter found inside human properties. And once those other pest populations grow, the predators that feed off of insects and other kinds of pests will inevitably be drawn in. That’s why spiders are so common. They may not eat crumbs and require interior shelter like other pests, but spiders are drawn inside of homes nonetheless. This is why regular, professional treatments and inspections are the best way to ensure that spiders or other invaders never get in. Partner with Tanner Pest Control today to learn how we can keep creepy crawlies out of your Herriman home.

A Guide To Keeping Ants Out Of Your Herriman Home

Of all the pests that are hard to completely keep out of your home, ants may be the worst. They tend to be tiny, meaning they can utilize entry points that other pests can’t. And they also can detect food sources from far away, even slight traces of messes that you think you have already cleaned up. Thanks to ant’s antennae, they don’t have to rely on the same kind of sense of smell as we do. Instead, they can detect the chemical compounds that signal food and water. That’s why all of these steps are necessary in order to truly keep ants out:

  • Food storage: Because they can find food so easily, you need to make sure yours is stored in tightly sealed containers and that you thoroughly clean up after meals.
  • Trash storage: You also need to make sure your trash is inaccessible to ants and other pests. Having secure lids, both inside and outdoors is a good pest control measure.
  • Access points: Ants can utilize even tiny cracks or holes around your home’s exterior, so it’s important to routinely check for faults and make repairs whenever necessary.
  • Treatments: Even after focusing on all of the above, ants can still make it inside. That’s why the best form of protection comes from professionals who can thoroughly treat your home and ward off pests of all kinds.

Contact Tanner Pest Control today to get started on an inspection or get right into treatments that will protect your Herriman home.

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