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Pest Control In Provo, UT

Detailed Pest Control In Provo, UT

Provo is a city unlike any other. It’s lined by stunning mountain views to the east, while Utah Lake and Provo Bay paint peaceful pictures to the west. Everything in between is a perfect blend of cultural centers and museums, educational institutions, first-class restaurants, independent shops, and lots of manicured neighborhood parks. It’s no wonder why Provo has developed into an international destination and draws people on either a seasonal or year-round basis. 

Unfortunately, pest problems are also part of living in Provo, whether that entails termites or general invaders. That’s why Tanner Pest Control is here to help you. We are a family-owned and operated business that believes in treating all of our customers with the fairness and respect that they deserve. Our technicians will always take the time to understand your issues and the work we provide utilizes Integrated Pest Management techniques. We also provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our treatments. To request your no-cost quote, call us today.

Residential Pest Control In Provo, UT

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Whether you’re looking to reduce pest activity around your home or you think you might have termites, consider calling Tanner Pest Control. We are a local family-owned company that will always treat your home like it was our own. To make your time with us seamless, we provide no-cost home inspections, staff expertly trained technicians, and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

Our work utilizes Integrated Pest Management techniques, which means that we work to gain a holistic understanding of your property and the way pests interact with it. We begin with a whole-home inspection and make suggestions on what you can do to reduce their activity. Next, we eliminate spider webs and wasp nests, power spray your foundation, and treat the entire interior of your home. Because the products we use are home-friendly, we recommend follow-up visits every 60 days for continued protection. For more information on our home pest control in Provo, UT, offerings, please give us a call today.

Commercial Pest Control In Provo, UT

At Tanner Pest Control, we work around the clock to make sure that your business is always protected from pest problems, no matter what they are. We are a family-owned and operated company that was founded by one of very few associate-certified entomologists in the country. This means that all of our work meets rigorous standards and we fully comprehend the relationship between pests and your property. We also make sure to hire only the most well-trained and certified pest technicians who will always be available to answer your questions. 

Each of our customers receives a total property inspection so that we can point out any current problems, locate entry points, and understand conducive conditions. Before implementing your customized treatment plan, we’ll also work with you on ways to limit pest attraction in addition to any treatments you receive. We use our 50-gallon truck to apply 100 pounds of pressure to your building for the best result. With these treatments, you can have total confidence against many pests. We also offer targeted services for cockroaches, rodents, and termites. For more information on commercial pest control in Provo, UT, give us a call!

What To Do If Ant Hills Are Springing Up Across Your Provo Lawn

If you notice ant hills around your Provo lawn, the wisest thing to do is ask for help from a pest professional like Tanner Pest Control. These ant mounds may contain any number of species that you are not equipped to deal with. They may also be more than a blemish on your property, as many people trip over ant hills and injure themselves. Instead, give us a call. We are the area’s trusted pest experts and we are backed by experience, entomologists, and a satisfaction guarantee that you can’t beat. 

Our comprehensive residential program is designed to address issues such as these. They entail whole-home and yard inspections that will help us to identify the type of ant that’s causing the hills and the factors that drew them in the first place. We will then use any number of treatments to both eliminate them and keep them from returning. For more information on ant control in Provo, call us today.

Tips To Avoid Wasps Stings In Provo

Wasp stings can be very harmful to people, especially given their ability to sting people repeatedly. Some of the side effects of a wasp sting can include nausea, chills, muscle pain, and difficulty breathing. In order to limit these interactions, try the following tips:

  • Always keep a lid on trash bins that are stored outside. Try not to miss trash collection day and clean out bins every so often. 

  • Look for leaky pipes and hoses, and fix them. Try to reduce other water sources, too, like buckets that may be full after a rainstorm. 

  • When hosting an outdoor party or simply eating on the deck, keep dishes covered securely between servings. 

  • Cut back trees, hedges, and other harborage sites. 

For more information on wasp control in Provo, call Tanner Pest Control today.

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