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Expert Pest Control Solutions In Riverton, UT

Part of the rapidly growing southwest corner of the Salt Lake City area, Riverton is -- as one could probably guess -- located along the Jordan River. And anywhere that human development meets moist, natural spaces, pest populations tend to thrive. That’s why Riverton property owners should take steps to protect themselves from pest infestations before they form and grow in the first place. The best way to stay ahead of the problems pests can cause is with help from professionals.

Residential Pest Control In Riverton, UT

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There’s nothing quite like a pest infestation to put a damper on a good day. You get home from work, eager to take a load off and relax, then you notice a bug crawling on your wall or signs of property damage caused by pests. Even well-maintained homes can wind up with these problems. That’s why it’s better to go with expert solutions early on rather than waiting for a problem to present itself before you take pest control seriously. At Tanner Pest Control, we offer the following effective services that keep you from a nasty surprise:

  • Eaves Service: While many pest companies offer sweeping services that address spider webs and wasp nests, our technicians use extension poles that help us reach up to the second floor. We clean your eaves without the need for a lengthier process that involves constantly moving ladders.
  • Foundation Power Spray: We also spray your home’s foundation, establishing a shield against pests that try to sneak indoors. 
  • Interior Treatment: When there are already pests lurking within your walls or storage spaces, we offer interior treatments that quickly and safely eliminate pest populations. 

To really protect your home, count on the professionals from Tanner Pest Control. 

Commercial Pest Control In Riverton, UT

No one can know precisely how bad a pest infestation will be in terms of the damage it can do to your business. There’s the literal damage, like stains and bite marks or worse, but there’s also the reputational damage that companies have to consider. For Riverton business owners, it’s always wise to hope for the best but prepare for the worst. Preparing for the worst is made a whole lot easier when you partner with a local pest control company. At Tanner Pest Control, we offer the following reassurances:

  • Comprehensive Treatments: We don’t just deal with specific pests that might be giving you grief. Our treatments defend against a wide range of common invaders. 
  • Safe Solutions: We also make sure that our solutions, while dangerous to pests, won’t be dangerous to you, your employees, or customers. 
  • Service Warranty: If we don’t completely eliminate the problem, we return and re-service your property at no additional charge. 

Choose Tanner Pest Control for true pest protection for your Riverton business. Contact us today to get started. 

When To Expect The Return Of Stinging Insects In Riverton

Stinging insects like bees and wasps can seem somewhat beneficial on the surface. Bees are pollinators that help with agriculture and keeping your garden looking vibrant. Yellowjackets and hornets hunt other pests, especially ones that chew up your plants. But their stinging barbs can be dangerous, even deadly, especially for those who are allergic. That’s why it’s important to prepare for the times of the year when stinging pests are most active. If you wait until a hive is already there on your property, you’re not really avoiding the dangers that these pests can cause.

Generally speaking, stinging pests are most active during the spring and summer -- the times of the year when plants are blooming and other pests are able to come out of their winter hiding places. This is why getting a professional out to inspect your property ahead of this active season is so key. At Tanner Pest Control, we can do you one better by treating your yard with solutions that ward off stinging insects before they can set up their hives. For proper protection against wasps of all kinds, contact us today.

Is This Spider In My Riverton Home Dangerous?

Most common spiders are relatively harmless. They all tend to keep to themselves and aren’t interested in bothering people so much as they are in hunting the insects that gather around our properties. But some spiders can mean bad news if you come into contact with them. While no bites are particularly pleasant, these spiders are known to be particularly venomous:

  • Black widows: People tend to think these spiders are easy to identify because they are always shown with clear, red hourglass patterns on their bellies. But developing black widow spiders may lack this precise geometric shape, and it’s not like you want to get close enough to find out. 
  • Brown recluses: Speaking of tough-to-identify spiders, brown recluses look a lot like other brown house spiders. Their most identifying feature is the guitar or fiddle-shaped marking on their backs. 
  • Hobo spiders: Another brown spider, these tend to be larger on average than these other varieties. While hobo spiders aren’t as venomous as black widows or brown recluses, their bites can be much more serious than your average spider. 

Protect your property from all of these invasive species by turning to professionals right away. Contact Tanner Pest Control to get started. 

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