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South Jordan, UT Pest Control

Effective Pest Control Solutions In South Jordan, UT

One of the more prominent and most well-recognized suburbs of Salt Lake City, South Jordan gets its name from the river that flows through the heart of this city. But fast-growing urban areas tend to attract pests, and infestations can spell doom for local property owners. Only by focusing on early prevention can you hope to avoid pest populations altogether, and the best form of prevention comes from professional guidance. Learn how Tanner Pest Control can assist your home or business.

Residential Pest Control In South Jordan, UT

One of the tough realities about pest infestations is that they can happen even to homeowners who take care to keep their property clean and well-maintained. The reason for this is that pests are specifically drawn to human activity.

Our meals, showers, chores, and every other activity that goes on every day attracts pests in the first place. And tiny invaders will find ways inside. This is why professional inspections and treatments offer you the best defense against pests in your South Jordan home.

At Tanner Pest Control, we focus on the following areas:

  • Exterior Treatments: Between eaves services, foundation treatments, and lawn granulation, our exterior treatments focus on the areas where pests tend to form before moving indoors. A comprehensive approach to exterior care is necessary.
  • Interior Treatments: If pests do move indoors, we have safe and effective methods to target the areas where they tend to form.
  • Follow-Up: Even when the service is finished, we’re still not done caring for your home. We always check back with you to make sure the treatments are working and you’re completely satisfied.

The best way to protect your home from pests is to contact Tanner Pest Control today.

Commercial Pest Control In South Jordan, UT

There’s so much to running a business that proper pest control can easily fall by the wayside. But pest problems can spell doom for local companies. They lead to costly damage, loss of reputation, and even fines. That’s why professional pest control is one of the key investments you can make in the longevity of your business’ success.

At Tanner Pest Control, we partner with commercial property owners to ensure that pests are never an issue. Here’s why you should go with us:

  • Free Quote: Just by giving us basic details about the size of your building, we can give you a free quote for our services, helping you plan your budget and helping us work within it.
  • Customized Treatment: Just because we base our pricing on square footage doesn’t mean we take a one-size-fits-all approach. We tailor our treatments around your business and your actual level of pest risk.
  • Comprehensive Treatments: While we offer targeted treatments for specific pests that invade, our solutions are designed to protect you against a wide array of common pests. That’s why professional treatment is more bang for your buck.

Keep pests out of your South Jordan business by partnering with Tanner Pest Control today for our trusted commercial pest management solutions.

All You Need To Know About Dangerous Ants Around South Jordan

Most of the time, people think of ants as harmless, though annoying, invaders. It’s true that there are many varieties of what we call nuisance ants - kinds that mostly contaminate food sources but are otherwise safe. But there are actually dangerous species of ants out there, too.

From damaging to harmful, here are some of the hazardous ants you need to watch out for:

  • Fire ants: Known for their bright red coloration, you probably think they bite. In truth, it’s their venomous rear stingers that pack the fiery punch when these colonies get upset. Having these in your yard is bad news.
  • Carpenter ants: They look a lot like common black ants, but carpenter ants can lead to big property damage. They tunnel into structural and surface woods in order to lay their eggs in warm, safe places.
  • Pharaoh ants: One of the only golden brown ant species in North America, these guys are dangerous because of the diseases they are known to spread, like salmonella.

The best way to protect your South Jordan property from these kinds of dangerous ants is with professional inspections and treatments. Contact Tanner Pest Control to get started today.

How Professional Rodent Removal Helps South Jordan Homeowners

Rodents are some of the craftiest, most difficult to remove pests out there. They are good at finding or creating ways into our yards and even indoors. Once a rodent population takes hold of a property, it quickly grows into a larger problem.

Not only do they lead to damage and disease, but they also increase their numbers rapidly. A single rodent female can have multiple litters in a matter of months, so the risk of not quickly dealing with the problem is that it becomes harder to handle.

That’s why professional rodent control is worth it. Not only can the experts at Tanner Pest Control get rid of rodents quickly and completely, but we can also offer you guidance and treatments that prevent rodent infestations in the first place. Let us help keep your home protected. Contact us by phone or online today.

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