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American Fork, UT Pest Control

Pest Control In American Fork, UT

There is nothing like living on a lake, especially one as amazing as Utah Lake. With so many things that make our corner of Salt Lake City perfect, it is hard to imagine life being any better than it already is. One thing that we have found that adds value regardless of your current circumstances is high-quality pest control. Dealing with invasive bugs, rodents, and other local creatures is challenging. To avoid species that might be threatening to your health and property, we would like to talk about pest control in American Fork today. Take a moment now to learn more about our residential and commercial services and discover more about a couple of common pests in our area. If you would like to schedule service, call our team at Tanner Pest Control for information about our advanced offerings and find out how we can help you avoid pests year-round. 

Residential Pest Control In American Fork

american fork ut pest control

Your home plays an important role in your health and comfort. When pests come indoors, they threaten these things. This is a simple fact of life. Another simple fact of life is that pests can be dealt with using the right tools and methods. Although there are ways for you to handle invasive species on your own, DIY pest control is not easy and can be risky. To make sure that pests are handled properly and that you do not have to worry about annoying, dangerous, and destructive creatures on your property, turn to our team at Tanner Pest Control. We are a local and trusted pest control provider that offers amazing options to identify, eliminate, and prevent all problematic species that might cause you trouble. Contact our team today to learn about our residential pest control offerings and find out why so many homeowners in American Fork trust us with their care. 

Commercial Pest Control In American Fork

When you started your business, were pests something that was on your mind? Many new business owners do not stop to think about the problems that local species might cause on their commercial property. We would like you to take a moment today to think about all the issues you have had to deal with in regard to local pests. Specifically consider all the ways invasive creatures might damage your reputation, harm your customers, and threaten your bottom line. If you are not willing to sacrifice your success to a bunch of bugs and other local invaders, turn to our team for help. Tanner Pest Control has amazing commercial pest control options for you if you are looking for ways to deal with pests inside and around your business building. Reach out to us today to learn more and make an appointment for your American Fork commercial property. 

Why Ants Infest Certain American Fork Homes

Ants are a huge problem here in American Fork, but you probably already know this. What you might not know is why these pests choose to invade some homes but not others. The truth is, ants invade any home that provides them a way indoors. These pests get inside by crawling through gaps, holes, and other openings. Once indoors, scout ants look around for things to eat and drink. If they find something tasty, they will leave an invisible pheromone trail back to their colony and start an active infestation. If your home has entry points these pests can use to get inside and available food sources, you will have trouble with ants. To stop these pests before they can be "up to no good," talk with our team at Tanner Pest Control. We offer amazing options for ant control and would be more than happy to help you understand the risks of an active infestation. Talk with us today to learn more or to make an appointment for a thorough pest inspection of your property.

Warning Signs Of Termites In American Fork Homes

Termites might just be the worst pests here in American Fork. This is not because they are annoying, but because they can destroy properties with their voracious eating habits. In short, these small insects will chew through your home’s wood and any other wood they can find on your property. To identify termites early, look for mud tubes around your home and outbuildings, swarmers and their wings, and noticeable damage caused by these pests to trees, stumps, and other wood on your property. If these signs are not present, it doesn’t mean that termites are not around. These pests are sneaky and can actively damage properties for months, if not years, before being noticed. We highly recommend investing in an annual professional termite inspection to make sure these local insects are not chewing through your equity. Call our team to learn more about our termite inspections and control offerings and find a plan that will best meet your immediate need.

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