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North Salt Lake, UT Pest Control

Pest Control In North Salt Lake, UT

One of the best places to live in the state of Utah is North Salt Lake. Residents enjoy a suburban vibe, scenic natural parks to explore, and plenty of desirable amenities. Protecting your family and pets' health and well-being and avoiding property damage ensure you maintain a high quality of life. However, local wildlife and pests may intrude on your property, requiring a visit from pest control in North Salt Lake for exclusion services.

Tanner Pest Control is a quality pest control company that's ready to exclude pesky invading critters to improve the quality of life in North Salt Lake and the surrounding areas. Without professional pest control solutions to defend your home from pest infestations, avoiding health hazards or damage to property is challenging. 

When you choose Tanner Pest Control to get rid of pesky mice, squirrels, or insects living inside your home or hanging around the yard, you get the following:

  • We guarantee our services 100%.
  • We use natural solutions to exclude pests.
  • We offer follow-up services every two months to ensure pesky bugs and rodents stay gone.

No one wants to host stinging bugs, venomous arachnids, or other potentially harmful critters. People and pets might become sick or develop an adverse allergic reaction following indirect or direct contact with pests.

When it's challenging to remove risky insects, rodents, or other pests, it's time to call the pros for help. If you want to help prevent future infestations, the best option is to schedule year-round pest control from Tanner Pest Control.

Give our team at Tanner Pest Control a call to discover the best way to keep your home pest-free from season to season.

Residential Pest Control In North Salt Lake

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When you live in a beautiful destination like North Salt Lake, protecting your home's structural integrity from destructive pests is critical. Insects can hide out of view, quietly excavating tunnels behind drywall, building nests in inconvenient places, or stinging young kids and pets. Mice, rats, and squirrels might not only pay a visit when the weather turns cold. If your home is attractive to pests, you might have visits from invading critters year-round.

Tanner Pest Control has over ten years of experience in pest control, and we are a member of the National Pest Management Association. When unwanted pests show up on the scene, you need dependable residential pest control in North Salt Lake to fix this problem.

Controlling various factors that attract pests to your home is critical to reducing infestations. So don't forget to schedule a visit from one of Tanner Pest Control's friendly technicians to provide necessary exclusion services.

Pests will amble onto your property seeking refuge, food, and moisture. Be careful with food storage, pet food left out in the open, and sources of standing water. Insects may congregate near plumbing, hide in cracks and crevices, or create nests near entrances. It helps to have the fence line, foundation, and openings around doors, windows, and walls treated with professional-grade products.

Don't struggle to eliminate pests and suffer through countless re-infestations. Trust the professional pest control products and exclusion techniques that Tanner Pest Control offers.

When you discover signs of a pest infestation like droppings, strange odors, nests, or egg sacs, don't delay contacting Tanner Pest Control immediately.

Commercial Pest Control In North Salt Lake

No community would be complete without offices, restaurants, schools, or warehouses. Not only do residents depend on the services that various commercial properties provide, but businesses also drive the local community. If an infestation of rodents or insects takes hold on a property, it can drive away customers and threaten public health. Even worse, commercial property owners may face fines or shut down if they fail to contain and eliminate a pest infestation.

Tanner Pest Control understands that offices, medical clinics, restaurants, and other commercial entities must stay pest-free to operate. Pests can upend daily activities because of foul smells, strange sounds, damaged inventory, and contaminated food and water.

It doesn't make sense to risk losing a good reputation, profits, and community trust because of invading pests. Get the best protection against unwanted pests and have Tanner Pest Control provide commercial pest control services in North Salt Lake year-round.

Insects and rodents can find the darndest places to sneak into a property, create nests, and cause chaos. There's nothing worse than discovering piles of termite frass, rodent droppings, extensive spider webs, or wasp nests on a property. Pests may sometimes choose crawl spaces, ventilation, roofing, or other inconvenient, hard-to-reach areas to avoid detection. However, scheduling an inspection of your building's interior and exterior can help flush out pests.

Don't stress out over how to get rid of pests. Let the pros at Tanner Pest Control provide a custom pest control and exclusion solution that's effective and long-lasting.

Natural Termite Prevention Tips For Around The North Salt Lake Home

There's nothing worse than having your dream home, and then a horde of hungry termites reduce it to sawdust. Okay, it's not that extreme, but termites can go undetected for years. Colonies of this insect can excavate tunnels in walls and flooring and destroy your property's structural integrity. You may notice discarded termite wings or dead bugs near entrances and windows or see swarms around your home, garage, or shed.

Tanner Pest Control provides termite inspections and has the most effective termite control products and solutions to thwart an infestation. However, in addition to trusting Tanner Pest Control to help discover and eliminate troublesome termites, it helps to follow some prevention measures.

What can you do as a homeowner to reduce the chance of termites hanging around your property? Try the following tips to help make your home less inviting for pesky termites:

  • Remove sources of moisture, including standing water, clogged gutters, leaky pipes, or moisture-damaged wood. 
  • Be careful about laying down mulch which traps moisture, and avoid overwatering the yard.
  • Create a barrier between the foundation of a home and the surrounding soil. Avoid contact between your home's exterior and neighboring soil so termites can't easily crossover. Use a trench or lay down a substance that deters these bugs.
  • Keep piles of firewood and fallen tree limbs off the ground and away from the house.

Don't let time go by without scheduling an annual termite inspection to locate and exclude these insects. Call Tanner Pest Control to get started on our effective termite control services in North Salt Lake.

How To Get Rid Of Dangerous Spiders In Your North Salt Lake Home

Spiders are arachnids that are a common pest for residences in North Salt Lake. Although most creatures won't pose a severe health hazard or leave a painful bite, some will. It's essential to become familiar with dangerous spiders in the area and learn how to handle them with care. Besides contacting Tanner Pest Control to help remove or treat your home for spiders, do what you can to reduce the chance of a problem.

Tanner Pest Control has the knowledge, professional products, and exclusion techniques to thwart spider pests. However, it helps to remove factors that attract dangerous spiders, to reduce the chance of an adverse incident.

What types of dangerous spiders lurk in North Salt Lake, and how can homeowners get rid of these arachnid pests? The following spiders may pose a threat, so take caution:

  • Black widow spider
  • Brown recluse spider
  • Hobo spider
  • Yellow-sac spider
  • Wolf spider

The best and most effective way to remove dangerous spiders is to call the pros at Tanner Pest Control. Remove clutter which provides hiding places, improve lighting in dark corners and rooms, and deter insect pests that spiders eat from hanging around.

Keep your yard in good shape, remove standing water, debris, and wood piles, and regularly cut your grass. When spiders get comfortable, they build webs around entrances, leave behind egg sacs, and rapidly reproduce.

Arachnids may bite if they feel threatened, and the venom from a dangerous spider can lead to multiple problems. Victims of a spider bite might develop redness, swelling, difficulty breathing, pain at the injury site, and feel nauseous or weak. If symptoms resulting from a spider interaction become severe, seek medical attention.

When you have a problem with dangerous spider pests, call Tanner Pest Control, the best spider control in North Salt Lake, to come to the rescue.

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